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Hannum Capital Management

A capital management company focused on digital and blockchain-based assets exclusively on the blockchain technology sector and crypto ecosystem.

There For You

Our team of experts have an established track record and are well regarded within the traditional finance and crypto industry.

HCM: A full service capital management company

We’ve been active investors, engineers and consultants in the cryptocurrency sector for 6+ years. Many of the newly announced funds have gotten into crypto fairly recently and are catering to the immense demand from traditional investors who have heard about the large returns in the sector. They bring new money into the system, but not necessarily the technical skills needed to evaluate blockchain protocols and or crypto-economics. We believe that our own experience and network in the crypto community make all the difference in investing successfully in volatile or bearish markets and in deal-sourcing.

Expert management

The biggest advantage of HCM is that you can hand control of your portfolio to a professional. Rather than dedicating the time and effort needed to research different currencies and monitor market movements, you let one of our experienced fund managers make all the tough decisions.

Avoid Crypto Confusion

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, wrapping your head around how digital currencies work and how to safely buy and store them can be overwhelming. Using HCM means you can avoid the hassle of transacting on exchanges, dealing with the risk of hacking and theft and setting up secure storage.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Using a managed fund also allows you to spread your capital across a more diverse range of crypto assets. This helps manage your level of risk in case one particular market segment experiences a downturn.

Buying Power

HCM offers benefits that come with increased buying power. Because of the high amount of capital we have to invest, HCM may be able to access and invest in digital currency projects that are out of financial reach for individual investors. It’s also much more cost-effective for a crypto fund than an individual buyer to purchase and maintain a diverse portfolio of crypto assets.

How will my funds remain safe?

How You're Protected

HCM protects client’s hardware wallets (USB devices or other data storage) by keeping it safe in an undisclosed bunker. The deep cold storage wallet is used for saving cryptoassets addresses and their API keys. Clients can use our mobile application for checking wallet balance and contacting support.

The deep cold storage is a system of two interrelated elements, the synergetic interaction between them ensures the virtual and physical security of our client’s digital assets.

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